Carrier HVAC SystemYour Club Membership guarantees appointments and provides valuable services and discounts on repairs. You are guaranteed that your repair is “Fixed Right or It’s FREE®.”

Regular service of your equipment can save you thousands of dollars over the long haul in energy costs. In fact, as much as 30% per year! Additionally, regular service may extend the life of your system. Your membership may pay for itself year after year.

You have become a preferred client. You can expect our highly trained and competent technicians to become completely familiar with you and your air conditioning and heating equipment.

Your membership is transferrable either to the buyer of your current home or to your new home in Associated Service Centers throughout the country. Our repairs are “Fixed Right or It’s FREE®,” if you are not 100% satisfied with our service.

Available Components

82 point safety inspection includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Check burner chambers
  • Check flame quality
  • Check flame sensor
  • Check gas pressure
  • Inspect vent connector and draft hood
  • Inspect heat exchanger
  • Oil motor (if necessary)
  • Check belts (if necessary)
  • Check airflow
  • Check temperature rise
  • Check all wiring connections
  • Check blower motor
  • Clean filter (if washable)
  • Check belts (if necessary)
  • Check thermostat
Air Conditioners
  • Check indoor coil
  • Check outdoor coil
  • Check temperature across coil
  • Check belts (if necessary)
  • Check all wiring connections
  • Check refrigerant line connections
  • Check fan motor

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