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If there is one thing that is true of every mechanical device, it will eventually wear out. Even though we are a top HVAC Company in the Mission Viejo area, we also realize that especially applies to air conditioning and heating systems that people depend on for a comfortable, everyday life. A change will visit your home, and when the time comes for your system to be reviewed, we can help because we offer an AC upgrade for Mission Viejo, CA residents on many of the major models.

Basic Information About Heating & Cooling Systems

So when choosing a new system, what are the guidelines you should follow and how much do you need to know to make a good decision? For most people, all you need to know are the basics so you can make a reasonably informed decision combined with the advice of your professional service technician.

  • The efficiency rating of the unit – the higher the better.
  • The size of the unit – bigger doesn’t always mean better.
  • Your available financing options.

You may also need to consider the type of the unit – package versus split system versus the heat pump – but in most cases where you live and the size of your home will generally limit you to one of these three choices.

Make An Intelligent Choice When Selecting an HVAC Unit

Of the three major factors, each will limit you based on individual needs.

  • Energy Star systems have the highest efficiency ratings but are also the most expensive and require regular tune-ups.
  • If the size of the unit produces too much power for the size of the home, your unit is likely to lose a certain percentage of its service life.
  • Many times HVAC manufacturers and dealers have very favorable purchasing terms and financing, especially on selected unit.
  • Energy Efficient Air Conditioning & Furnace Installation in Viejo, CA

    Now that we have generally covered the basics of buying a new HVAC system, the question remains how do you make the best decision. First, in order to get the most from your system and keep your monthly heating and cooling costs down, purchase an Energy Star unit. Next, work with your professional HVAC technician and get the right size for your home – not too small and not too big. Third, take the time to find the best financing available.

    As a top HVAC Company in the Mission Viejo area, we know what our customers want and need. Whether it is an AC upgrade for Mission Viejo, CA homes or simply needing an emergency service call, Complete Comfort will be there for you to walk you through the steps and give you the information you need to make the best decision.

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