Heating and cooling account for approximately 50% of your energy costs. A smart thermostat is a convenient means of trimming the budget and enjoying greater control over the home’s temperature and climate. When you call on the professionals from Complete Comfort Plumbing Heating & Air, we make sure you take advantage of industry-leading innovations and features for maximum savings and satisfaction. Contact us at (949) 742-2995 for recommendations tailored to your specific expectations, seamless installation, and prompt service throughout Lake Forest, CA and surrounding areas.

Professional WiFi Thermostat Installations

Some of the many perks of upgrading to a WiFi Thermostat include:

  • No Human Error – The thermostat learns your schedule and preferences, and keeps track of occupancy, for automatic adjustment.
  • Access – Check the companion app at any time to confirm the proper operation of the heating/cooling system.
  • Easy Adjustment – Stuck at work? Arriving home early? Tucked in bed for the night? Raise or lower temperature through your smartphone from wherever you happen to be.
  • Helpful Alerts – Get notifications in the event of air filter requirements, maintenance needs, power outages, or sudden fluctuations of indoor temperature.
  • Energy Savings – Along with superior management of the HVAC system, utilize energy tracking and conservation tips.
  • Easy Operation – Modern screen designs and companion apps ensure user-friendly programming and operation.
  • Vacation Mode – Avoid energy waste while you’re away without impacting your existing settings.

As more appliances and technologies allow WiFi connectivity, Home Automation puts complete control at your fingertips. Whether from your smartphone or a centralized unit inside the home, it’s now possible to manage temperature, lighting, sound systems, door locks, security cameras, and much more with the touch of a screen or sound of your voice. Complete Comfort Plumbing Heating & Air customizes our recommendations to suit your lifestyle and deliver maximum convenience and rewards. Handling design, installation, and setup, we familiarize you with the operation and simplify your everyday life.

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Some of the many benefits of Home Automation include:

  • Added Security – Automated door locks, remote access to lights, real-time video, window sensors, and more, greatly improve the security of the home. No matter where you happen to be, you have access to all features.
  • Improve Energy Efficiency – Program or remotely power off system and appliances to conserve energy, take advantage of energy tracking and tips, and through superior management, optimize the reliability and longevity of equipment.
  • Cost Savings – There’s no wasting money on lights, heating, or cooling equipment left on when no one’s home, no driving home to check on things, and no unnecessary wear and tear on appliances or systems.
  • Unmatched Convenience – The user-friendly operation and easy access simplify the management of the home, saving you time and frustration.
  • Enhanced Comfort – No matter your schedule or the weather outside, a WiFi thermostat means never coming back to an overheated or chilly home.
  • Peace of Mind – Avoid the worry and wonder of what’s going on at home, what you may have forgotten to do, and if the kids arrived safely. You’re always up-to-date and in-touch.