Is your cell phone newer than your home thermostat? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to discover the latest climate control technology. A wifi thermostat installation—an easy upgrade to your HVAC system—can add convenience, save money, and increase peace-of-mind.

Temperature setback, adjusting your home’s thermostat while you’re away or asleep, is a time-proven technique for reducing energy use and extending the life of your heating and cooling system. You probably control setback now through a manually operated thermostat or a thermostat with basic, clock-based programming capabilities. Today’s WiFi thermostat offers setback control through a convenient smartphone app or a centralized home automation controller.

Wifi Thermostat Installation Advantages

Smart and Simple Programming:  If choosing control times on your existing thermostat is a frustrating experience, then you’re an ideal candidate for new thermostat installation. An easy-to-use app helps manage setback control. Some WiFi thermostats use artificial intelligence to learn your family’s routine and control the HVAC system accordingly. These devices can also sense changes to everyday routines and use GPS technology to make your home comfortable by tracking your smartphone’s closeness.

Travel Friendly:  While average temperatures in the Fountain Valley, CA-area range from 70 degrees in January to 85 degrees in August, temperature extremes are not unusual. These climate abnormalities can be a challenge during travel time, especially if pets are home. The smartphone app easily manages these situations.

Convenient Control:  A WiFi thermostat lets you control your home’s temperature from just about anywhere. Use the smartphone app to adjust the temperate from your office, car, or even your bed. This technology is also ideal if you have a multi-zone HVAC system with multiple old-style thermostats—one device can manage each zone.

System Monitoring:  Just as a WiFi thermostat allows for remote temperature control, these devices can alert a homeowner of problems with the HVAC system. App or email notifications can include warnings about extreme inside temperatures or high humidity caused by a malfunction or overdue maintenance.

Innovative Features:  There are numerous WiFi thermostats to choose from, so certain features may make one device more appealing than another. Using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistance, a WiFi thermostat can be controlled by voice. Some devices offer a built-in speaker on the wall-mounted controller so music can be piped into that room via Spotify and other music sources. Technology can include a wireless sensor that will keep the HVAC system running to help cool or warm a remote room. This sensor detects a person’s presence in the room and will control the temperature accordingly.

Wifi Thermostat Installation in Fountain Valley, CA

While some manufacturers promote WiFi thermostat installation by homeowners, it’s wise to consider professional help. Several factors can affect the installation. Is the WiFi signal strong enough in the installation area? Does your home have a single- or two-stage HVAC system? What voltage does your system use? Is the existing thermostat wiring compatible with a WiFi device? A qualified service technician can quickly address these questions.

Incorrect installation can damage your new thermostat and even your heating and cooling system, leading to more expense. Expert thermostat installation in Fountain Valley, CA, is relatively inexpensive, especially when done in conjunction with a regular maintenance visit or another service.

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