What is a Split AC System?

In years past a packaged air conditioner was the number one selling home AC system. As homeowners look to save on major purchases, more people are turning to a split system AC. What exactly is a split AC system and what are its pros and cons?

How It Works

A split air conditioner consists of two main parts: the compressor and the evaporator. While these parts are in all AC systems, in a split system they are in two units. Generally, the outdoor unit contains the compressor while the indoor contains the fan and evaporator. These often are called ductless AC systems as electrical tubing and wiring perform the work of traditional ductwork.

The internal thermostat starts the outside compressor working which then sends refrigerant gas or freon to the condenser where it is cooled. Inside, the unit’s evaporator passes warm air over the cooled gas and the fan then blows the cooled air through vents into the home. This cycle continues until the thermostat’s set temp is reached.


For those looking for a new ac system, this might be a great option. There are  several other benefits to a split system:

  • Easy ac installation. With no ductwork, this type of AC unit is easier to install.
  • Quieter performance. As the condenser is located outside, there is less noise.
  • Less expensive to run. With a ductless system, there is less energy loss and electric bills will be cheaper.


While there are many benefits to a split  AC, this type of unit may not be right for everyone:

  • Unit costs more. While this ac system costs more than other systems, in the long run, reduced energy loss makes up for the price.
  • Location. The indoor and outdoor unit must be situated relatively close due to the required writing and pipes. This limits where the units can be placed.
  • Requires professional installation. Due to the wiring and gas refrigerant, a professional needs to install a split ac system.

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5 Benefits of a Split Air Conditioning System